Transform is an important command of AdobeShop.  Transform is to be used to reduce the size, rotate and increase the size.  The transformer cannot be used without the lyre. To use the transformer, the layer must be used.  There must be an object on top of it when you take the layer.  This will allow you to increase or decrease the size of the project.  You can Access to Transform if you press Ctrl + T on your keyboard.  Types of Transformers: Transformers have the following types whose names are as follows. 

1. Scale






7.Rotate 180

8.Rotate 90CW

9.Rotate 90CCW

10.Flip Horizontal

11.Flip vertical


The Spot Peeling Brush tool helps you fix image flaws.  Used to remove blemishes or pimples on the face – Spot Healing Brush is very easy to use.  If you want to use the Spot Healing Bow Rush tool, you can easily use the Spot Healing Tool by simply pressing J on your keyboard.  Spot Healing Brush not only eliminates your spot but also makes your image beautiful and charming.


Custom Shape There is a pre-made custom shape inside Adobe Photoshop.  Those custom shapes you can use in any of your designs.  All you have to do is go to the tool and take an Custam shape before you have to bring it into that shape and object.  The selection goes on in which you can make your own.  You can then use that object as a photo to design a wallpaper.  You can make your dyes beautiful.

Gradient Color: Two or more combinations are called Gradient Color.

Types of Gradient color

1.Liner Gradient

2.Radial Gradient

3.Angle Gradient

4.Reflected Gradient

5.Diamond Gradient



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