Technologies and Personal Safety:

Technologies and Personal Safety:

Technologies and Personal safety

The use of science to solve problems and to invent useful things is called technology. The impact of technology got evidently acknowledged in human civilization. We cannot think but thank the revolutionary technologies. Our lives have completely transformed due to these technologies. Technological advancements covers almost all industrial requirements such as health, security and personal life. Personal safety has become a truth due to technologies. At workplace, innovations in technology has improved safety. Technology had a positive impact on the worker’s safety. 3D visualization software has become the top promising technological advancement for personal safety and also for the safety of workers. The personnel become aware with the surroundings where they are going to work. Video cameras on entrance and exit can help to reduce the chance of human errors. Companies and residents are using check-in technologies. It can help them in reviewing the number of individuals who enter and exit. Better quality of life, easier communication, increased safety, increased overall efficiency and environment such as games and movies are all positive effects of technology in our life. But there are some negative effects of technology which also disturbing our lives. The negative effects of technology cannot be denied. With the use of calculators and phones, we are not using our memory. Kids and adults are addicted to screens, media, games. This activity is causing laziness and weight gain.


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