Practice for Rectangle marquee tool:

Practice for Rectangle marquee tool:

1.Draw circle

2.Add two circle for ear

3.Fill color through foreground/background

4Use subtract selection for making head

5.Fill bblack color

6.Ctrl +D deselect

Than make eyes through selection.

practice for pen tool :

window Xp logo

1.Draw shape

2.Add point through add Anchor point

3.Create new layer

4.Ctrl+Enter for sselection

5.Fill any color and ctrl +D

6.Create duplicate ctrl + J

7. Use transform for rotate ctrl +T

8.Use Gradeint color.

Pepsi logo :

1.Canvas fill with black color

2.Draw selection of circle create new layer and fill white color

3.Ctrl+R (Ruler)

4Apply guide line on circle

5.Use pen tool on center line

6.Use Add Anchor point

7.Ctrl+H (Hide guide )

8.Ctrl+J(Duplicte )and Ctrl+T (Transform)

9.Deselect circle layer

10.Ctrl+Shift +I (invers selection)

11.Press delete on red and blue layer .


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