Logos: Choosing From the Many Types In the List

Logos: Choosing From the Many Types In the List


Of the many things that attract an audience to a brand or a company, one of the most important among them is the logo, a little and seemingly insignificant thing that can make a lot more difference to the image of your company than you think.


A logo can rightfully be called the face of the company and one of the first things that comes to a person’s mind when he thinks of it.


Take for example, the famous McDonalds. We’re sure you’re right now picturing the big letter M that is associated with it.


There, we now hope you understand how important a logo is and why you need to be putting so much careful thought into it.


And if you did, one of the first steps is to identify the many types of logos available out there, knowing the options available for you before you finally decide on the kind of logo you want and get to work on it.


Wordmarks – A Word That Says It All


Wordmarks are nothing but the name of the company creatively designed to make a logo. While these may often look simple and straightforward, there is often a lot of thought that goes into every detail like the color and the typeface in order to make it look interesting and unique to a viewer.


One of the best examples for this is the CocaCola logo which to a novice, may look like one that is designed in a day but is one of the most creatively done Wordmarks that we have till date.


Letterforms – A Letter That Says It All


Now, letterforms, unlike wordmarks that include the entire company name, have in them only the letter, and this is often and most of the times, a single letter that the name of the company or brand begins with.


These are usually logos that are small with miniscule dimensions with a simple design which makes them perfect for compact spaces like the social media apps that we have today.


Again, some of the best examples that we have here are Facebook, Netflix and Pinterest all of which resemble a simple letter that the name of these platforms begin with.


Lettermarks Or Monograms – A Letter Or Two Before You


We all know what a monogram is, and this is exactly what this kind of a logo is designed to be. These are typography logos often designed with the brand’s initials like IBM, NASA and HBO.


There, that’s enough to give you a clear idea of the same, isn’t it? Another classic example that we have here is Louis Votton.


Symbols, Brand Marks and Pictorial Marks


Now, what are these? These, as the name would suggest, are graphic icons, images or simply symbols that often reflect on the identity of a certain brand or rather the kind of activity or cause that it is involved with.


Often these are used by reputed companies where an audience would recognise the brand they resemble with a simple look.


Still need an example to know what this is? Well, Apple! Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are a few other names that we hope you already added to the list.


Abstract Logo Marks – If You Are Creative Enough


An abstract logo mark is just what the name suggests. These are logos that take the form of an abstract design that do not resemble a certain object, created out of an idea with a deeper meaning to be explained to anyone interested in it.


They are unique and often contain an emotion or message that a brand believes in.


Now, what example do we give you with this? Now about Nike? Want more examples? Pepsi! Some more? Google, Adidas and Olympics.


There, do you now understand what an abstract logo is?


Mascot – Logos That Touch the Heart


These can in fact be one of the most interesting, resembling characters to attract anyone from adults to kids with fictional creatures or even real people to help viewers connect with a brand’s underlying message or theme


They provide a playful vibe, thus reaching their target audience with their friendly and engaging details.


If you are looking for an example here, perhaps the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken would suffice


Emblem – Get Intricate To Get Traditional


A little text and a little symbol. And that’s what makes an emblem. Now, this one can be complicated and tricky but is great to provide a traditional look and feel.


In fact, an emblem done well can effectively give out the required message to an audience at any time.


It is for this reason that these logos are common among universities, coffee brands and sports teams.


On the downside, emblems are not versatile due to the intricate details that often make them hard to modify and change, unlike most other logos that are easy to upgrade over time.


Starbucks, Manchester United and Harley Davidson are some of the best examples that one can come across when it comes to an emblem.


Combination Marks – A Little Of This and That For You


And next in line are combination marks that one gets to see in the list of logos. This is nothing but a mix of two or even more than two of the styles of logos mentioned above, and, as you would have guessed, demands a lot of effort and time to perfect.


Combination marks are the best when you can’t decide between two or more logos and arrive at the one that is best


In such a case, it would be wise to create a mix of them for a logo that is interesting and of course, the best.


An example for combination marks? Taco Bell, Dropbox, Dove and NBC.


Dynamic – For A Logo That Can Go Down In Time


And last on the list are dynamic marks and yes, this kind of a logo can indeed be very dynamic, provided they are created the right way and with the right amount of expertise.


Now, if you are looking for a logo that is versatile, here it is for dynamic marks that are very easy to adapt and change with the demands of time, and are thus best suited for celebrations, holidays and figures from history.


A classic example is the logo to represent Hilary Clinton. There, we hope you now understand what a dynamic mark is.


Now You Go Ahead and Choose


And with that we come to the end and this is the list of some of the most common logos out there that you can choose from for your brand, company or whatever be the need at the moment for which you require one of these.


Take your time, and make a careful study of each before you decide on the kind of logo your brand would want to come up with, to avoid any regrets in the future.


Spend a day or two brainstorming with your team and in the end, you will be glad to decided to take the time out when you finally look down at the logo that you created and all the work that you put in it


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