Introduction To Computer Advantages and Disadvantages

Introduction To Computer Advantages and Disadvantages

Introduction To Computer Advantages and Disadvantages

  A computer is a device that is very small, powerful, helpful and fully automatic machine. With the help of computer we can perform business activities, personal use and work in offices as well as in many worldly activities. The biggest advantage of the computer is that this powerful device has completely eliminated the many difficulties of human life and paved the way for future development.

 Now we come to the part where we talk about the advantages & disadvantages of computer.

 Advantages Of Computer:

  1. Speed

  One of the major advantages of computers is that any calculation, office, or business work can be done in a matter of moments. The work that a human mind can do in many hours and days can be done by a computer in a few moments and this is one of the great benefits of computer.

  • Storage

  One of the advantages of a computer is its storage capacity. In the old days when large devices did not have the storage capacity of more than just a few images they have now been replaced by computers, which can hold millions of images at a time.

  • Online Business

  Young people who are well versed in computers and the Internet and know how to use them are using computers for online businesses. One of the great advantages of the computer is that trade, transactions and development depend on the online business, which is one of the great advantages of the computer today.

  • Save time and money

  In the past, when we had to send any message, it used to take several days to reach the destination but the computer has made this process so easy that in a few moments our message will reach this person. This will save you time and money and is one of the great advantage of using a computer.

  • Internet

  There was a time when it took months to find out about each other but the Internet has connected the world to each other as if each human being were connected to the other. One can communicate wherever one wants and this is one of the great benefits of computer.

  Disadvantages Of Computer:

  1. Health Risk

  One of the most dangerous disadvantages of computer is that it can have a detrimental effect on human health and using a computer late at night can lead to poor eyesight and can lead to lethargy. Which, of course, among the disadvantages of computer is an overnight sensation.

  • Cyber attacks

  If one of the computers used for big business is attacked by a cyber attack, this problem is considered as one of the major computer losses. Because these attacks can provide valuable data to merchants and companies.

  • Public Safety

  Many innocent people in our society who share their personal information on social media then later they face situations like blackmailing. So government agencies that take responsibility for public safety are working to avoid this computer damage.

  • Impact On Environment

  Computers have taken the place of factories where people work, in which the use of automatic machines is very high. Machinery that affects the environment produces smoke and heat which is very harmful to the atmosphere and atmosphere. This process of degrading the environment is a huge disadvantage of computer usage.

  • Waste of time

  A computer connects to the whole world through the Internet. If used properly, it can fix a person and if misused, it can harm a person. Most of the people are wasting their precious life time by indulging in movies, dramas, music and other nonsense which is considered to be a great disadvantage of computer.


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