Graphic design is a creative process, which combines technology and arts to convey ideas. It involves the visual elements such as topography; imagery and color to create visually represent information and messages. Graphic designers to create their designs use various tools such as Adobe illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. Various contexts such as branding, digital media, advertising and packaging make use of graphic design. Use of strong graphic design can help a brand to effectively convey its message to target groups and become prominent than their competitors. For example, an eye-catching logo is a powerful symbol for a company, which enhances loyalty and brand recognition. Likewise packaging that is well designed can affect the customers purchasing decisions and attract them.
Typography is the major aspect of graphic design. Typography is the technique and art of arrangement type that makes a written language readable, legible and more appealing when displayed. A good grasp of typography is very essential to graphic designers because it has great impact on visual appearance and readability of a design. Color is another key aspect in graphic designing. Color choice has a great influence on the impact and mood of a design. Therefore, a good understanding of color theory is of great importance to every graphic designer.
The significant impacts of graphic design on daily lives are advertisements, the product logos, websites and social media platforms. A well-designed visual identity helps in establishment of credibility and trust for a given brand. However, a poorly designed graphic design can undermine image of the brand. Therefore staying up-to-date with latest trends in techniques and designs can facilitate creation of effective and visually appealing designs.
In conclusion, the most crucial aspect of visual communication is graphic design. Graphic designers play a very significant role in creating the visual identity of a brand and conveying the message to target groups. A strong understanding of color theory, design trends and typography is the key aspects of improving one’s visual communication skills or becoming a good graphic designer.


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