DigiSkills Training program: Digiskill is an online education system. Digiskill is a virtual university program.

DigiSkills Training program: Digiskill is an online education system. Digiskill is a virtual university program.

DigiSkills:Digiskill is an online education system. Digiskill is a virtual university program.

What is Digiskills?Digiskill is an online learning system where video recorded lectures are taught. A new course is started every month at DigiSkills. Many students are earning money by learning courses from Digiskills and are making Pakistan famous.

Here are the names of the courses in Digiskills :

(1) – Freelancing( 2)Graphics Designing(3) SEO (searching engine optimization)(4) WordPress(5) AutoCAD

(6) E commerce Management ( 7) Digital Marketing (8) Quick Book (9)Content Writer

(1) Freelancing :Freelancing teaches how to face clients Different websites tell you how to create your account on a money making website. How to create gigs. How to communicate with clients. All this freelancing is taught in freelancing course.

( 2)Graphics Designing :Graphics Designing teaches graphics in which three software are taught Adabe Photoshop illustrater , which is learned logo design photo editing and much more be learn.

(3) SEO (Search engine optimization):Search engine optimization is about how your website can rank higher on search engines. All this is taught in SEO. 

(4) WordPress :Website create in WordPress teaches you how to create a great website using WordPress tools.

(5) AutoCAD :AutoCAD is a computerized software used for architectural design also use civil engineers.

(6) E commerce Management :E-commerce is about trading on the internet, how you can create your own store, how you can sell your product, how you can create your own website and sell your products, all this you can learn in e-commerce.

(7) Digital Marketing:We all know that these are the things that are happening on the Internet these days. How To Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing What Tools Are Used Like Facebook Google And There Are Tools That You Can Learn To Grow Your Business In Digital Marketing.

(8) Quick Book:Quick  Book is an accounting software that teaches you how to manage accounting inventory ,payroll tax, expenses. .

(9)Content Writer :The art of writing is like everyone wants to learn.  content writing  people’s hearts with its art.  There is a huge demand in the content  writer market for what he writes.  content writer  teaches you how to be a good writer.

How to registration in DigiSkills:

The easiest way to registration for Digiskills is to go to the DigiSkills website before you go to


After going to the website, click on sign up. In front of you, a registration form will open in which you have to enter your information in which you have to give first name. After doing all this, you have to login and enter your login.  Good profile photo upload.  Your name will be visible in the email below. Home, My Result ,Change Password ,Online Support, Sign Out.

Home :When you click on Home Go to Home 

My Result :When you click on My Result you can see your result You can download your result You can check all result

Change Password :whenever you need to change your password you can use this change password option .

online support : whenever you need to any query you can ask them .App of Digiskills.



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